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Plasma x700

Plasma x700


  • Type: Radiant and convection heating

Plasma Fires

Plasma-FiresOver the past few years there has been a definite shift from wood to gas fireplaces, this is due to convenience and the ease of use.

Before the invention of the vent free gas fireplace the old vented types were very heavy on gas with little heating capacity. Vent free fireplaces gives clients much more versatility when it comes to the positioning of their fireplaces, like where a concrete roof or double storey house is in play and the flue can not penetrate through to the outside. Still clients are looking for easier and more convenient ways to install and use vent free gas fireplaces .The Plasma fire place came about due to this factor.

This particular unit is constructed from premier quality materials and its wall mounted capability provides you with superlative style and functionality. A continuous flame effect with reflective properties, a modern tinted glass fascia and clean cut look will  satisfy the most discerning home owner.

Maintenance such as replacing burnt out vermiculite, stones and coal, is in the past. The Plasma Fires excellent utilization of space and efficient convection heating ability is second only to its outstanding safety features. The SABS tested the Plasma Fires CO/CO2 mass ratios and found it to be more than 3000% lower than the  accepted limits proving it to be of the lowest emission vent free gas fireplaces available.

A huge plus factor of the Plasma fireplace is its low gas consumption of only 480G/H on its maximum setting and for this it heats up to 80m² of room space.

Safety features include an oxygen depletion sensor and flame failure gas cut off valve. Plasma fires is the new benchmark in gas vent free fireplaces.

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