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Build-in braai

Build-in braai

1200 Super Delux build-in braai in mild steel


  • Type: Build-in
  • Fuel: wood burner
  • Flue Size: 800braai [300mm²] 1000braai [400x300mm] 1200 braai [500x350mm] 1500braai [500x350mm]
  • Dimensions: 800braai [800Wx540Dx820H] 1000braai [1000Wx540Dx820H] 1200braai [1200Wx540Dx820H] 1500braai [1500Wx540Dx820H]

Braais & Accessories

Build-in braais have become a standard item in homes. South Africans enjoy their braai and do not want adverse weather conditions such as cold, rain and wind to prevent them from their favorite pastime. 

Installing an indoor braai has the following advantages :
  • No smoke emitted into the house
  • No brickwork cracking
  • Easy to use with all the accessories pre installed 
  • Delivers heat in winter to warm your entertainment area
  • Clean and neat appearance with doors closed
Build-in braais can be constructed from a number of materials to give a specific look or to prevent corrosion such as mild steel, 3cr12 low grade stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel or a combination of mild steel and stainless steel. Build –in braais have been designed with the correct relation between size of opening and chimney outlet to prevent any smoke from being emitted out of the braai opening. Installing the braai with its flue liner prevents smoke from leaking out of the brickwork into the roof cavity, it ensures that the builder does not build the chimney to small and it also makes cleaning the chimney much easier. Different chimney coverings are available depending on the conditions and desired styling required.

Care needs to be taken when installing the braai into brickwork :
  • Expansion joints of 20-25mm and insulation between brickwork and steel casing
  • Silicon wire to the light fitting to prevent wires from melting
  • Exposed seams of flues need to be sealed
  • Rotating cowls need to be greased at least twice yearly
  • Exposed metal to weather conditions should be treated for rust
Braais are available in the following options :
  • Build in braais standard sized 800/1000/1200/1500 or custom sized
  • Freestanding braais standard sized 800/1000/1200 or custom sized
  • Spitbraais standard sized 1200/1500
  • Combination braais [wood & gas] made to size
  • Portable braais

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